Monday, May 12, 2014


Site announcement:  I'm moving to Tumblr.  I know, I am either an angry feminist or a teenager but hear me out. 

Lately I've noticed that the numbers are up as far as traffic and readers--not even counting the misgoogled porn--but there's no interaction.  They say that blogging is dead but really it isn't, I think it's just that Blogger is dead.  RIP ye olde Blogspot. 

Yes, Tumblr is the home of angst and it smacks of Myspace, but I think the networking works a little better over there, as well as the creator controls.  There's a freaking "just post a pretty picture" button.  There have been times that I would like to just post a video or a pretty picture but I felt weird about it here. 

Granted, the meat of what I do is writing, and I had to set it up for "writing long things."  I will always write long things.  But I want to show off some other things too, especially since I occasionally get caught up in real life stuff and don't have time to write more than a few words to update you.  A short entry looks sad on Blogger.  It looks normal on Tumblr. 

I've been feeling weird about this place for a while. 

And this isn't my first move.  I'd done the same thing when I realized that MSN Spaces was no longer the big dawg platform for blogs--if it ever was.  But, with MSN Spaces there was a lot more interaction.  Also, you know too that I ended my original blog and picked up with this one, We're All Friends Here.  Nothing is changing storywise or anything between here and the move to Tumblr.  I'm simply changing venues, the movie goes on, and nobody in the audience has any idea. 

This is likely the last post here, unless I need to catch some stragglers.  You should be updating your readers (and your morning Bing search Jerry--bookmark it for god sakes) to my new URL:

It is very plain and boring, I have not figured out all the things yet, and I will probably break it a few times before I get it right, but that's where you'll see all that shit go down. 

Some fun new features of this new platform:
  • Ask Me Anything:  of course I may not answer.  
  • Scroll for fucking EVER:  it'll just keep loading and loading posts
  • Sign up to "Follow": and be a 12 year old girl too.  
  • It's not Google!:  It's Yahoo, which isn't better but I think everyone's pretty upset and annoyed by the whole GooglePlus experience, etc
  • Comments:  Ran by Disqus!  Whatever that is.  Pretty sure you have to sign up for it to use it but I have no idea, so please help me out, neighborinos.  
  • Easier to share:  I mean, I'm pretty sure anyway.  
Let's just all agree that if something breaks over there we'll all come running back here for shelter.  And thank you for your patience, continued readership, and friendship.  Because after all, we're all friends here...except of course for those of us who are not.  

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